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Scientific Program

Parallel Session
In these sessions, researchers will dialogue with farmers and various stakeholders to explore the different ways by which agroforestry can bring solutions to different ecological, social and economic needs and challenges.
After an opening session with representatives from First Nations, farmers and youth, the five plenary sessions will be devoted to the following topics: Perspectives on Transition; Relation to Nature; Governance of Agroforestry; the Agroecology-Agroforestry Nexus; and a closing session with testimonials from various stakeholders from around the world.
Throughout the congress, various workshops related to agroforestry will take place. These workshops will allow participants to dialogue on a wide variety of specific topics, from farmers’ innovations to agroforestry policies, funding, knowledge sharing, and new research methods, among others.
Throughout the congress, various side events will be organized by our partners. These side events will allow participants to discover some of the most fascinating agroforestry innovations, share knowledge and network on major issues of agroforestry.