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Ecological Footprint

The 5th World Congress on Agroforestry is proud to partner with Taking Root and Ecotierra to reduce its ecological footprint and the impact of carbon emissions generated by the congress and international transportation.

ECOTIERRA works with smallholder farmers to accelerate the sustainable development of their communities and use the land responsibly, thus combating climate change and land degradation. ECOTIERRA also manages the Urapi Sustainable Land Use Fund, which finances agroforestry projects in Latin America.

Taking Root's purpose is to accelerate the restoration of the world’s forests. They enable smallholder farmers to grow trees and earn money from the carbon they remove from the atmosphere. Their technology and support make it simple for the ir reforestation partners to create transparent and robust forest carbon removals. From registering farmers and recruiting land, to monitoring trees grown and the carbon stored over time, Taking Root provide s the tools at every step of the way to help thei r partners successfully manage and scale their carbon projects. Recognised for its best practices by the UN, EU and World Economic Forum, Taking Root is connecting thousands of farmers to the carbon market, improving their livelihoods by restoring forests around the world.